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About the Healing

With over 10 years of qualified experience, I employ a diverse range of modalities to facilitate healing. Some of these modalities include Kinesiology, Chios, Reiki, Flower Essences, Sound Therapy, Root Cause Therapy, Inner Child Work, Intuitive Guidance and Mentoring.


The body is made up of energy flowing in a circular pattern. When the body is under stress, caused by factors such as, physical or emotional issues, trauma or nutritional deficiencies, it will block energy flow. When this occurs the muscles reflect the stress in the central nervous system causing specific muscle patterns.
Through simple, gentle muscle response testing, Kinesiologists gain insight into these muscle patterns, this allows them to assess how the body is functioning and locate where the imbalances are in the body. Once the Kinesiologist has this information, the imbalances are corrected using a range of holistic techniques, returning your energy patterns back to a natural balanced state.

Intuitive Guidance
I am blessed to draw on my natural intuitive gifts of being able to feel and see energy, feel physically and emotionally what you feel, see your aura and any defects in the body & hear any messages coming through for you. This assist in offering guidance and profound understanding of your current distress.

Root Cause Therapy / Inner Child Work
Helps individuals explore and process past experiences, primarily from their childhood or where in time the belief, trauma or distress first began. It involves temporarily regressing to a younger age mentally and emotionally to gain insight, heal emotional wounds, and promote personal growth. 

Chios & Reiki

As humans we all have an energetic field around our body, called the aura. The aura is composed of 7 layers and the chakra system, which can be said to protect us from the outside world. Sometimes due to stress, emotional or physical illness or trauma, it can create defects in the aura or imbalances in the chakra system, which as a result may leave you feeling depleted physically, mentally and emotionally and also may effect your thought patterns, behaviour, and overall health. By using a hands on approach, any damage to the aura or imbalances in the chakra system can be restored.

Flower Essence 

There are 72 native Australian Bush Flowers that the Aboriginals are said to use; each having their own unique healing property and purpose. Flower Essences work very gently and subtly on the mind, body and spirit. Harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious, they work on an emotional level to bring you back to a point of balance.

Sound Therapy
Utilising Crystal Sound Bowls, each possessing a distinct frequency, it's believed that these frequencies have the potential to alleviate emotions or physical ailments associated with that particular level.


Guided by an understanding of your current challenges, I can provide mentoring and coaching to support you in navigating these difficulties and finding effective solutions for moving forward.

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